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There’s something about babies…!

We’re fully equipped and ready to care for your baby from within days of the birth to the age of two.

Sometimes, sadly, a mother is unable to care for her baby as she would wish to immediately. Sickness, post-natal depression or even extended baby-blues can limit a mother’s ability to fully take on the role. Here at Kids Count we have experience of caring for little ones from day one; tiny babies placed in our care have thrived here and we can work with the family to ensure that mother and child bond as closely as possible.

All you need to do is bring baby – and we’ll do the rest! Babies can join us at any age up to two years. From age 2, we move them into the Toddler Room [link to 2-3], and springboard their development to the next stage!
Before your baby joins us, we’ll take some time to understand any routine you have in place, what you already know makes them happy and entertains them best.

Life in our baby room is all about fingers and toes – it’s a sensory experience designed to encourage and enhance your child’s development, and all accompanied by lots of cuddles and care.


Over the years NHS advice on weaning has varied dramatically. We take a very practical approach…what baby needs, baby gets! You can either supply your own weaning foods or we can make your baby fresh meals every day, perfectly blended to suit the weaning stage they have achieved. Our cook is fully qualified and experienced in providing a balanced menu from weaning onwards.

We encourage all our children to try new foods and taste experiences and love to record and report on their reactions! If your child has been identified with food allergies or intolerances, we can build this into their daily care plan so that they are as safe with us as they are with you. Our in-house cook lovingly prepares fresh seasonal food every day, taking into account the nutritional needs of children at every age.


Because leaving baby behind can be hard, communication is key. To provide parents and carers with the ultimate in two way communication, we have teamed up with Tapestry online learning journeys. This marvellous piece of technology allows us to share information between the parents and their child’s key worker for the benefit of each child in our care. We use the app to:

  • Collect observations of each child and upload these to the shared portal
  • Assess development in line with the EYFS Framework
  • Create a personalised album of each child’s experiences
  • Evaluate children and track progress over time
  • Receive postcards of each child’s at-home learning experiences, provided by parents uploading to the shared portal.

It’s so simple to use; you simply log on using your Smartphone or PC (at home or work!) and we keep you updated with your child’s adventures every day – from playing with jelly to having a snooze. At Kids Count there’s always a lot to share – from cuddles and games to fun indoors and out, and we love to learn what your child is up to at home too!

Call us now and we can talk about your child and his or her needs.

Checklist – You…

  • Baby!
  • Spare clothes
  • Comfort toy or blanket
  • Weather dependent clothes (wellies or sunhats etc!)

Checklist – Us…

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Formula & bottles
  • Cuddles
  • Fun

Call us now on 01606 74100 to discuss how we can support you and your child through their early years.

All staff are excellent.

OFSTED Approved