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Top ‘n’ Tail The Day

The day your child starts school is a huge milestone and can be quite emotional, for you as much as them! But, this is the day that life suddenly takes on a whole new level of complication, as working parents realise that they need to find a suitable child care resource to care for their child in the hour before and time after school.

We can provide a complete wrap around service for your family, whether that means ensuring your child arrives safely at school in the morning, or picking them up with their book bags and lunch boxes for an evening of fun and laughter back in our club.

We look after children aged from 4 to 14, and make sure that each and every one has the level of care they need both before and/or after school.

Before School Club

Before school we encourage crafts or reading, football or outside play, it all depends if your child is a morning person or not. They can choose what they feel like doing, so the opportunities are endless, as long as it fits into an hour!

We provide cereal or toast for breakfast, but if your child prefers something else, feel free to bring it along!

After School Club

After school each child needs to deal with the stimulation and stresses of the day in their own way. Some love to get creative, others want to let it all go in sporting activity, still others need simply to chill out and chat or listen to music with their friends and at Kids Count, anything goes.

Whatever their age and experience, we will encourage your child to get involved in lots of interesting and stimulating activities specifically designed for their age group.

Hours of Operation

Mornings: 8am till 9am
After School: 3pm till 6pm
While these are our core hours of operation, please don’t panic if you are caught in an emergency or best laid plans go awry. Simply give us a call and we’ll be there for you until you arrive*.

We also offer an early start at 7.45am for an additional £3.00 if you really need to be on that early train!

*A fee of £5.00 per 5 minutes applies to late collection.

Want to discuss your wrap-around childcare needs? Give us a call on 01606 74100, we’re happy to chat!

I feel, as a family, very welcomed. I felt at ease knowing my child was in the care of Kids Count from day one

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